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Paizo Reveals Gen Con 2024 Lineup Featuring Pathfinder and Starfinder Innovations

Paizo Reveals Gen Con 2024 Lineup Featuring Pathfinder and Starfinder Innovations

Paizo Inc. has announced its upcoming releases for Gen Con 2024, setting the stage for a significant presence at the Indianapolis event starting August 1. Attendees can look forward to the introduction of the Pathfinder Player Core 2 rulebook, the Curtain Call Adventure Path, and the Starfinder Second Edition Playtest, all available under the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License.

Introducing Pathfinder Player Core 2

The Pathfinder Player Core 2 rulebook is a 320-page hardcover addition to the Pathfinder Second Edition lineup. It aims to broaden player options with remastered classes, over 40 archetypes, expanded ancestries, and a diverse array of feats, spells, and alchemical items. Erik Mona, Paizo’s Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, highlighted that this edition integrates player feedback, errata, and updates from previous editions. The Pathfinder Player Core 2 will also be available in a Special Edition with an exclusive cover by Wayne Reynolds, initially offered to hobby retailers.

Curtain Call Adventure Path: A Theatrical Campaign

The Curtain Call Adventure Path introduces a novel concept where players’ characters are involved in producing an opera based on their adventures. This series spans three parts and takes characters from levels 11 to 20 through a campaign that combines traditional adventuring with performance and production challenges, against a backdrop of personal rivalries and external threats.

Prey for Death: An Assassin-Themed Adventure

Prey for Death offers a narrative that allows players to assume the roles of members of the Red Mantis assassins. This adventure is designed for 14th level characters and includes new items, lore, character backgrounds, and monsters. It provides a unique perspective on the organization’s inner workings and moral codes.

Starfinder Second Edition Playtest: A Call for Community Feedback

The Starfinder Second Edition Playtest represents a significant update to the game, aligning it more closely with the Pathfinder Second Edition’s rules. This playtest includes a 264-page rulebook filled with new classes, ancestries, skills, and spells, encouraging community participation to shape the game’s future. The playtest is complemented by A Cosmic Birthday, an adventure designed to introduce players to the new edition, and a Flip-Mat Multi-Pack for visual and tactical engagement.

Paizo revela la programaciĆ³n de Gen Con 2024 con las innovaciones de ‘Pathfinder’ y ‘Starfinder’ – El Broder Games

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

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