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Saber & Blood Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Saber & Blood Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Central Europe. 1600s. The different states within the Holy Roman Empire are regularly fighting against one-another. There’s plenty of opportunity for those that want to make war their business to ply their trade. That’s where you find yourself in Saber & Blood, a new card-driven board game that’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

It’s the grim 17th century Middle Europe! A time full of war, lust, blood and glory! Become an ataman of a Zaporozhian Cossack’s band, or lead a group of cunning Polish Nobles in a brawl of vicious fencing combat! Saber & Blood is a card driven board game with unique fencing dice mechanics for 2-4* players (* with unlocked expansions).

Saber & Blood is an exciting mix of a card game and a board game. Each player commands a band of three characters that fight each other in a vicious battle to the last drop of blood. Players control their characters on the board by playing cards from their unique decks. Each faction has its own deck, character abilities, playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses that must be used strategically in order to defeat its opponents. Fighting in the game is performed by using custom fencing stance dice secretly chosen by each of the opponents, aiming to outsmart each other by choosing the most advantageous fencing style. Play the right cards, move your characters to the best positions on the board, use your opponent’s weakness to your advantage, chose the advantageous fencing stance, and claim your victory with SABER AND BLOOD.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It’s set to go for another 29 days.