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Dive into the Tide World of Mani: A New Mothership RPG Module

Dive into the Tide World of Mani: A New Mothership RPG Module

Tide World of Mani, a new sandbox module for the sci-fi horror RPG Mothership, is currently live on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its funding goal of $2,000. With 28 days still remaining in the campaign, the project has raised an impressive $28,000. Created by Joel Hines of Silverarm, the hardcover module is set on an ocean world called Mani, where the only land is the shoals of the Last Atoll. The setting is in the midst of a revolution, with the ruling Land Barons facing growing popular dissent and a schism in the religious order. Interstellar megacorp Sharpe Co. has also recently established contact with the Barons, gaining full extraction rights to Mani’s aurora diamond seam.

The module promises 13+ detailed locations to explore, 18 varied NPC’s, and 5 volatile factions, including a crime family noble house, water and brimstone zealot priests, and a megacorp diamond miners compound. Players can choose to hijack a hover train loaded with aurora diamonds, relax in a corporate beach compound, or break into a prison of salt. The content also includes nautical combat rules, 5+ detailed dungeon maps, 10+ new creatures, a hidden serial killer, and more. Tide World of Mani is designed for use with Mothership RPG, but can also be adapted for other sci-fi RPGs like Stars Without Number or Traveler.

The predecessor to Tide World of Mani, Desert Moon of Karth, received high praise from critics and fans alike. Sean McCoy, designer of Mothership RPG, called it “that rare gem of an adventure,” while Alan Gerding of Tuesday Knight Games said it was “like a living breathing planet.” Tide World of Mani is illustrated by Logan Stahl and features layout by Simeon Cogswell. Jarret Crader serves as editor, while Glynn Seal provides cartography and Ben Smith created the detailed map of the Last Atoll.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tide World of Mani ends on April 27, 2023. Backers can choose from a variety of pledge levels, including a digital version of the module for $15, a physical copy for $25, and higher levels with additional rewards like custom NPC portraits or the opportunity to name a location or NPC in the module. With its unique setting, diverse factions, and exciting content, Tide World of Mani promises to be a thrilling addition to any sci-fi RPG campaign.