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Steamforged Games Acquires “Street Masters” Board Game, Commits to Fulfilling Indiegogo Campaign

Steamforged Games Acquires “Street Masters” Board Game, Commits to Fulfilling Indiegogo Campaign

Steamforged Games has officially announced the acquisition of the “Street Masters” board game range and IP from Blacklist Games. This acquisition brings a highly rated and much-loved board game into Steamforged’s growing library, much to the excitement of the game’s fans and the Steamforged team.

The announcement comes after a period of silence due to the complexities encountered post-acquisition, particularly concerning the Indiegogo campaign for “Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon.” Steamforged Games has acknowledged the delay in the acquisition process and expressed their commitment to fulfilling the outstanding pledges from this campaign.

Upon acquiring “Street Masters,” Steamforged began an inventory analysis to ascertain the status of the campaign’s fulfillment. The process revealed unexpected challenges, including discovering inventory dispersed across multiple global warehouses and unpaid storage bills. Additionally, due to miscommunication with the supplier, two items had not been manufactured.

Despite these challenges, Steamforged’s strong relationships with fulfillment partners like Quartermaster, Aetherworks, and VFI have enabled them to negotiate and secure the available stock. The next step involves the logistical challenge of consolidating this global inventory and moving it to the appropriate hubs for distribution to backers. This process is expected to be costly and time-consuming but is underway.

As for shipping rates from the hubs to backers, Steamforged is currently working with partners to determine these costs and will provide more details as they become available. Backers of the Indiegogo campaign are requested to remain patient a little longer as Steamforged works through these final stages.

In the meantime, Steamforged has asked backers to refrain from sending emails or messages until further updates are provided. They have also extended an invitation to join the Steamforged community through their various channels available on Linktree.

With this acquisition, “Street Masters” is set to continue its legacy under the Steamforged Games banner, promising a bright future for this beloved board game.