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D.E.I. – Divide Et Impera Board Game Expands with New Faith & Anarchy Expansion on Gamefound

D.E.I. – Divide Et Impera Board Game Expands with New Faith & Anarchy Expansion on Gamefound

The board game D.E.I. – Divide Et Impera by Ludus Magnus Studio has reached its goal of €40,000 in just 2 hours and 18 minutes on Gamefound. With 8 days left, the game has raised €106,554 from 827 backers, making it 266% funded.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been nearly exterminated by the White Death, leaving only a few survivors who have banded together in factions seeking strength to fight for their lives. Players take on the role of one of four asymmetrical factions, managing resources, and competing against each other for survival.

The Purebred, a powerful faction with advanced technology, controls access to vital resources such as medicine and synthetic food. By pitting the other factions against each other, they keep them divided and under control.

The game features a system of majorities to move on a 3D map, with players using a system of cards to plan their moves and take advantage of missions made available by the Purebred. The game also features a new expansion called Faith & Anarchy, which includes two new factions: the followers of the Cult of Crono and the untamed Breachers.

The Cult of Crono is a new and inclusive faction that worships a god named Crono, who helps and guides them toward rebirth and toward the future. The Breachers are outcasts and anarchists, fighting against the system imposed by the Purebred seeking redemption.

The game also includes two new Drones, one more classic and eclectic, and the second, a huge static cathedral capable of moving things and living beings through time.

By participating in the campaign and getting any of the three rewards, players will receive the free Candy Boost pack, which includes new market cards, leader rings, and faction reference sheets. The game is available exclusively on the Ludus Magnus Studio web store or during special events and conventions.

D.E.I. Divide et Impera was originally launched on Kickstarter in 2020, involving around 2,500 backers from around the world. The miniature version of the game is exclusive and will not be available for retail. By participating in the Gamefound campaign, players can secure the new Faith & Anarchy expansion in the exclusive miniature version at a reduced price. Materials related to the first Kickstarter campaign, including the box containing all unlocked stretch goals, are also available for order.