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Michael Kiesling’s Acclaimed Board Game Sanssouci Arrives on Kickstarter

Michael Kiesling’s Acclaimed Board Game Sanssouci Arrives on Kickstarter

Imperial Publishing Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring acclaimed designer Michael Kiesling’s Sanssouci to the United States. Kiesling, famous for designing the hit game Azul among others, brings another top-notch gaming experience to the table.

With an impressive $27,883 pledged of its modest $5,000 goal and with 15 days to go, the campaign offers backers the opportunity to be among the first in the U.S to play this Spiel des Jahres (German Game of the Year) Finalist. Labelled as “the Azul killer” or “Carcassonne, but fun,” Sanssouci has already received the Dice Tower’s “Seal of Approval”, a testament to its high-quality design and engaging gameplay.

A labor of love for the Imperial Publishing Inc. team, the process of acquiring the license and preparing the game for release has taken several months. The English version of Sanssouci is available to almost everyone worldwide, with exceptions in Japan and potentially other areas due to licensing agreements. This may represent the best chance to obtain the English version of the game.

For backers who join the campaign, Imperial Publishing Inc. is providing several enticing incentives. In addition to an early bird discount ($35/copy for those who back 6x of the game, $40 for a single copy), compared to a $50 MSRP, backers will also enjoy subsidized shipping costs, with shipping to the US costing a mere $6.

Backers will also be among the first to receive their copies before the game hits retail stores, allowing them to share and show off this unique game to friends and fellow gamers. In addition, Imperial Publishing Inc. has fully redesigned the game’s insert to accommodate card sleeves and provide ample storage space, and the game will also feature new artwork.

To spice up this edition of Sanssouci, a brand-new boar expansion has been included, complete with four wooden boars and unique rules. However, prospective backers should act quickly. The campaign has a fixed number of copies available, and there is no guarantee this game will make it to distribution in the USA after the campaign ends.