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18Rhl-Rhineland: A Journey Through History and Strategy Now on Kickstarter

18Rhl-Rhineland: A Journey Through History and Strategy Now on Kickstarter

Aspiring tycoons and train enthusiasts take note! A new game, 18Rhl-Rhineland, has launched a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to bring the rich history of railway development in the Rhineland area to your tabletop. The campaign is already gaining momentum with $18,050 pledged of its $27,165 goal, with 214 backers and 16 days left to go.

18Rhl-Rhineland is a strategic economy game that cleverly illustrates the evolution of the railway network in the Rhineland during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Players will experience the challenges and triumphs of railway corporations as they navigate the complex landscape and growing industrial demands of the era.

The game’s historic elements are impressively accurate. Players will have to contend with the Rhine river, a geographic hurdle that was initially impossible to bridge due to governmental restrictions, leading to the use of railway ferries. As the game progresses into the 1870s, railway bridges can be built, opening new routes and opportunities.

By 1879, players can operate the ‘Iron Rhine’, a railway connection vital for transporting hard coal, a crucial commodity of the era. And in the 1920s, the luxury Rheingold Express train enters the scene, offering new potential for profit.

The Kickstarter edition of 18Rhl-Rhineland also contains 18LRA-Lower Rhine Area, a game with similar mechanics but with unique elements that present different challenges. In 18Rhl, the crossing of the Rhine and running the Rheingold Express is essential for success. Conversely, in 18LRA, victory hinges on successful management of the Rhine harbours.

Both games are designed for strategic play, where luck or random elements don’t decide the game. Instead, careful investment, effective resource management, and strategic planning are key. Players take on the role of investors who buy and sell railway stock certificates, aiming to create a valuable portfolio that generates high revenue.

The games in the 18xx series, including 18Rhl-Rhineland, are all about player decision making. From deciding if income is paid out as dividends or kept for future investments, to planning for the obsolescence of older train models, players must navigate the business realities of the railway industry.

With 16 days to go until the campaign ends on June 2, now’s the time to get on board and back 18Rhl-Rhineland on Kickstarter. Experience the thrill of building a railway empire, and perhaps learn a little about the history of the Rhineland in the process.