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Monte Cook Games Unveils ‘The Weird’: A Vault of Unimaginable Ideas for Every RPG

Monte Cook Games Unveils ‘The Weird’: A Vault of Unimaginable Ideas for Every RPG

Are you ready to take your RPG experiences to a whole new level of oddity, fascination, and intrigue? Monte Cook Games introduces ‘The Weird’, a treasure trove of more than 10,000 ideas aiming to elevate the strangeness, novelty, and uniqueness of any role-playing game.

Every RPG is filled with classic elements like dragons, alien planets, magic spells, superheroes, and werewolves. But, why not infuse it with a little more weirdness? ‘The Weird’ challenges this notion by offering a reservoir of peculiar and engaging ideas, intended to refresh those familiar concepts.

“Weird might mean dark, unsettling, or difficult to understand, but it doesn’t have to. Weird can fit into any game, at any table,” explained Charles Ryan, the creative mind behind this exciting initiative. “It brings mystery, interest, and curiosity to places where things might start to feel stale or repetitive.”

‘The Weird’ caters to a wide spectrum of weirdness, be it something intriguing, surprising, extravagantly bizarre, or even whimsical. Each idea is categorized under the following classifications: Interesting, Surprising, Gonzo, and Whimsical, offering a tiered system to match any game’s ambiance.

The offering is a result of meticulous curation and invention, yielding over 100 lists, each comprising more than 100 entries. That adds up to an overwhelming 10,000 (and likely much more) distinctive bursts of inspiration.

“Perhaps there’s an unexplained object sitting on the bar colored by an entry on the Weird Typical Item Enhancements list. Or some of the patrons use a Weird Way to Communicate. Or there’s a resident dog, affected by a Weird Creature Appearance. You’ll never run out of ways to make any scene unique and memorable,” Ryan elaborated on the possible implementations of ‘The Weird’.

The options range from the mildly strange, like a cat that is bright red, to the utterly fantastical, like a magical bow that creates and fires snakes as arrows or a sword that inflicts wounds that scream. The ideas are not just diverse but span across genres, making it a perfect companion for game preparations or even spontaneous game changes.

Monte Cook Games’ ‘The Weird’ is the perfect tool to shatter the monotony of repetitive RPG tropes and to keep fueling the captivating feeling that gamers experienced when they first started playing RPGs. It serves as an infinite wellspring of inspiration that will help all game masters and players run and play amazing, engaging, and memorable games. With ‘The Weird’ in your game toolbox, you will surely never run out of weird.