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VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night Hits Kickstarter with Success

VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night Hits Kickstarter with Success

Pledges Surpass Initial Goal, Offering a New Wave of Spine-Tingling, Cinematic Horror Roleplay Experience

In an era where nostalgia meets innovation, Aces Games has launched its second Kickstarter campaign for VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night, garnering overwhelming support from fans of tabletop RPGs and horror aficionados alike. Within a short period, the campaign has already surpassed its initial goal of $8,531, collecting an astonishing $52,006 from 336 backers with 14 days still remaining.

An Homage to Classic Horror Cinema

VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night draws inspiration from iconic horror films of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s such as Nightmare, Alien, Halloween, Hellraiser, and The Thing. Created by Aces Games—a publisher with an impressive track record including 25 titles and six years of experience in the industry—this horror roleplay game offers an immersive experience in solo mode as well.

What’s Inside the Box?

The campaign promises a new tryptic of horror, extending the universe built by the first VHS Kickstarter campaign which included “Bloodlust,” “Overplague,” and “Unchained.” The new series offers:

  • Deadbreak: Dive into a zombie apocalypse, introducing the ‘Horde’ as a condition.
  • Remnants: A ghost story setting that allows players to move between the realm of the living and that of the dead.
  • Trashbag: A trash horror setting with the unique “Trash Button,” enabling absurd, cinematic moments akin to the genre.

Each VHS comes in a videocassette-shaped slipcase and contains all the materials needed for gameplay. These can be played as stand-alone games and even in solo mode without a Game Master.

A Unique Roleplay Experience

One of the standout features is the “Trash Button” in the Trashbag setting. This mechanic allows for the most nonsensical, absurd actions to occur during gameplay, enhancing the over-the-top, disbelief-shattering elements that define trash horror cinema.

In Deadbreak, players will encounter ‘Hordes,’ groups of secondary horrors that infest areas and move autonomously, creating a dynamic, high-stakes environment.

Your Destiny in Your Hands

In VHS, players will fight against monstrous beings, escape treacherous settings, and potentially rewrite horror history. The game captures the suspense and atmospheres that have made the horror genre a cornerstone of popular culture.

With the Kickstarter campaign still running until October 3, fans have a limited time to back this project and immerse themselves in a world where your destiny looks like a remote, and all you have to do is press play to enter the nightmare.

To learn more about VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night or to back this thrilling project, visit the Kickstarter page.