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Mantic Games Unleashes Firefight Wave 2 Pre-Orders & Exclusive Limited Edition Games

Mantic Games Unleashes Firefight Wave 2 Pre-Orders & Exclusive Limited Edition Games

Mantic Games has announced a veritable tsunami of new releases today. The news also comes with the promise of a DOUBLE REWARD POINTS event live until the end of Sunday 23rd July, effectively doubling the delight for eager gamers.

Two standout releases are the special pre-launch editions of ‘Invincible: The Dice Game [SHOW SEASON EDITION]’ and ‘The Walking Dead: The Dice Game [SHOW SEASON EDITION]’. Both of these games are unique dice games that thrust players into an intense competition for an open spot in the esteemed ranks of the Guardians of the Globe and Rick Grimes’ group of survivors, respectively. Both games are designed for 2 or more players, involving battles against enemies, reputation gains, and survival challenges. Each special pre-launch edition boasts two limited edition cards, only available in these sets.

In addition to the two dice games, Mantic Games also revealed new entries in its Firefight series, including the Forge Father Gungnir Artillery Tank, Forge Father Knarr Assault Tank, Forge Father Battlegroup, Asterian Assassin/Escort Drone, Asterian Battlegroup, GCPS Onager Artillery Vehicle, Veer-myn Saturation Tunneller, Veer-myn Shield Tunneller, and Veer-myn Battlegroup.

The Forge Father units are especially notable for their adaptability and precision in battle. The Gungnir Artillery Tank is notable for its variety of ammo types, while the Knarr Assault Tank is designed to deliver frontline troops to the heart of the enemy lines.

Asterian units come equipped with remotely piloted drones, each designed for a different battlefield role. The Asterian Battlegroup is a formidable combination of Narsa Support Drone and Chroma Force Platforms, offering amplified power and efficiency.

The GCPS Onager Artillery Vehicle is a versatile unit boasting the Accutek M-78 Multiple Missile Launcher and impressive firepower. The Veer-myn units introduce the Saturation Tunneller and Shield Tunneller, both potent machines capable of disruptive and defensive tactics.

Rounding out the releases is the Veer-myn Battlegroup, a formidable formation that includes the deadly Tunneller, capable of digging through kilometers of rock and discharging Night Crawlers amidst enemy lines.

With the DOUBLE REWARD POINTS event and this roster of new releases, Mantic Games invites players to buckle up and prepare for a weekend of rewarding gaming experience. Whether it’s battling villains, surviving Walker-infested zones, or commanding powerful tanks and drones, there’s something to challenge and thrill every gamer in this massive lineup.