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Paizo Posts Up January Releases

Paizo Posts Up January Releases

Paizo never just has a single release for their games. They’re usually coming in with multiples. And such is the case again this month for Pathfinder and Starfinder. You can check out the new stuff below and get your copies now down at your LGS.

From the post:

Happy New Releases Day! Many of you may have a new or renewed interest in Pathfinder and Starfinder, so I’d like to tell you about all our new open gaming products, including subscriptions and special offers, and point you toward what’s coming next!

You will find our Release Schedule here, with products listed month-by-month, along with associated subscriptions. It’s a great way to plan the future of your games.

Also, you can explore our 14 Paizo Subscriptions and see what we’re releasing up to 9 months out. Like crowdfunding campaigns, by committing in advance, subscriptions help us estimate print runs, so we incentivize you to subscribe with a complimentary PDF. Ownership of a digital product lets you sync with our digital partners, who can then also offer a discount on their products and services. If you’re interested in multiple subscriptions, you can save more with our Paizo Advantage offering.

Subscriptions are important us, but so are game and bookstores, and we know they’re important to you, too. We already have a great list of retailers who’ve opted into our Where to Buy page, but now is a great time to help the list grow! Feel free to ask your favorite local game or bookstore about their programs and see if they’re interested in joining our list.

So, what’s new? You can find the list of New Physical Product Releases in January in our Forum Announcements channel. These announcements happen monthly and let you know when your card will be charged and when shipping starts. By the way, we now take American Express and are exploring non-credit card options.