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Magical Kitties Noir on Kickstarter: A New Addition to the Roleplaying Game Series

Magical Kitties Noir on Kickstarter: A New Addition to the Roleplaying Game Series

Atlas Games’ newest addition to their popular Magical Kitties line, Magical Kitties Noir, has already raised over $29,000 on Kickstarter with 29 days left to go. The campaign, which ends on April 27, includes a variety of new products, including the Kitty Noir hometown book and poster map, a Game Master Kit, and an enamel and metal Rainbow Paw Pin.

Magical Kitties Save the Day is a roleplaying game designed for all ages, allowing older players to be Game Master for younger players. The elegantly simple rules system puts the emphasis on storytelling, and character generation takes just 5 minutes. Players get Kitty Treats that let them change the story, and no one ever dies in the game. The Standard Edition of the game is available in game stores, while the Deluxe Edition includes high-quality upgrades and bonus content.

The Kitty Noir hometown of Sunset City is a brand new addition to the game, allowing players to launch their own detective series or introduce an intriguing mystery for their magical kitties to uncover. The hometown takes inspiration from classic film noir and crime movies from the 1930s-1950s, and from Golden Age science fiction stories of time travel. Written by Yeonsoo Julian Kim, the hometown includes a full-sized poster map of Sunset City.

The Game Master Kit features a sturdy, high-quality GM screen with important game info on the inside, as well as the already-published Our Hometown Workbook to keep track of all the fun in your series. Also included is the cute and useful Kitty Colors Poster to help players pick their favorite kitty.

The Rainbow Paw Pin is a rainbow-colored enamel pin that measures 1″ tall x 1 1/4″ wide, with a metal post and clutch. It’s a great way to add some kitty magic to your lanyard, lapel, or bag.

Overall, Magical Kitties Noir offers a fun and engaging roleplaying experience for players of all ages. The Kickstarter campaign includes a variety of new products, and players can easily complete their collection with add-ons. Backers can choose from a variety of tiers, including the ALL THE KITTY TOYS deluxe tier and the NEW KITTY ON THE BLOCK tier.