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Midweek Snippets

Midweek Snippets

Apparently, it’s Wednesday. Even just typing that now, I was like, “it’s Tue… wait…” Can someone please hire me a detective to figure out who stole my Tuesday? That’d be very helpful. But anyway… as it’s Wednesday (almost said Tuesday again), let’s nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Mythical Dice Box – Dragon Horde Up On Kickstarter

Our Dragon boxes are built using ethically sourced hardwoods which are specifically chosen for their resilience and beauty. Seven pockets, all lined with blue faux leather, will keep your dice secure while looking stylish.

The dragon topper is hand-sculpted using clay, then moulded and cast in resin. We prime it and hand paint each piece with metallic-infused paints. Backers can choose from one of three colours: Gold, silver or copper.

The Ultimate GM Screen Up On Kickstarter

We’re VERY excited to welcome you to our Kickstarter for The Ultimate Game Master Screen. We (Forged Gaming & RealmSmith) have come together to create “The Ultimate Game Master” brand to build the VERY BEST in products for Game Masters. Our first is a REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT that is central to every gaming table… The Ultimate Game Master Screen.

Crusaders 3D Print Army Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to the Eternal War, where the Amies of Human Kind and the Dark Enemies fight to survive and conquer the Universe.

Crusaders is a project to fund a full STL Army of 100 miniatures to print and play tabletop games. Our figures are also for collectors and can be printed in different sizes.

Astral Horrors 3D Print Minis Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to another SRS Pay What You Want campaign. We thank you for the consideration and hope you will support us. This campaign is providing STL files to high quality 3D printable miniatures for your wargame and RPG tabletop games. Everything from this campaign comes with clean, hollow and pre-supported versions of all the following miniatures, have been optimized and print tested and are ready to be printed as is. This value price is the lowest we will supply these files for and your support helps us to continue to create more miniatures for you all in the future. As always thank you for the consideration and happy gaming.