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Preorders Open for District Noir, A Strategic Battle for Dominance

Preorders Open for District Noir, A Strategic Battle for Dominance

Immersing players in the shadowy world of criminal syndicates, preorders for District Noir, a two-player game filled with strategy and power dynamics, have officially opened. Customers who preorder now will be amongst the first to receive the game, with shipping set to start on July 5, two weeks ahead of the retail release.

District Noir is the creative brainchild of designers Nobutake Dogen and Nao Shimamura, brought to life with the captivating artwork of Vincent Roché. The game offers a playtime of 10-20 minutes and is suitable for ages 10 and above.

As leaders of the city’s most powerful criminal organizations, players vie for control of territories and seek to grow their influence by any means necessary. The crux of the power struggle revolves around District Noir, a coveted and highly contested area that could tip the scales of city dominance.

Two paths to victory await players in this engaging game: seize control of District Noir’s various supports or directly control the city’s three strategic locations. Timing is key as players strategically play their cards to the center of the table. In each round, they can take the first five cards in line, and at the end of the game, points are awarded for the majority of each supporter and the collection of sets. However, an immediate win is up for grabs for any player who successfully claims the three locations.

Preorders are open now and set to ship on July 5, ahead of the retail release on July 19. Please note, orders with multiple items will not ship until all items are available.