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Latest Sunday Preview Unveils Ursula Creed’s “Creed: Ashes of Cadia” and More

Latest Sunday Preview Unveils Ursula Creed’s “Creed: Ashes of Cadia” and More

In the most recent Sunday Preview, Games Workshop sets the stage for the galaxy in turmoil with the Tyranids invasion, but also highlights the resilience and spirit of the Astra Militarum. Ursula Creed, the daughter of the legendary former Lord Castellan, is stepping into the limelight in her debut novel, “Creed: Ashes of Cadia.”

Creed: Ashes of Cadia

Orders from Roboute Guilliman have pulled Ursula Creed back to the haunting remnants of her homeworld Cadia, decades after its fall. Penned by Jude Reid, the novel will be available for pre-order this Saturday and is also being released in a special edition with an embossed cloth cover and shining gold foil. This luxurious edition also includes an extra short story, “Creed: Chains of Command.”

More Than Just One Story

While “Creed: Ashes of Cadia” is the headline act, this Sunday Preview indicates a busy week ahead for Warhammer fans, with several new releases and updates.

Valdor: Birth of the Imperium

From the modern era, we’re transported back to the Unification Wars in a new paperback release. “Valdor: Birth of the Imperium” by Chris Wraight explores the challenges Valdor faced in establishing the Imperium among the stars.

Blood of the Emperor

A new anthology, “Blood of the Emperor,” featuring six legendary Primarchs, is also making its debut in audiobook format.

Horus Heresy Collections Now Multilingual

Horus Heresy fans from French and German-speaking regions will be pleased to know that two classic collections from the series are now available in their languages.

Return of Warhammer Heroes Series

The Warhammer Heroes miniatures series is back with Series 4, offering seven new miniatures including Intercessors, an Assault Intercessor, a Heavy Intercessor, an Eliminator, and a Captain. Note that these will not be sold directly from the Games Workshop webstore, but will be available in select countries.

The Week Ahead

This Sunday Preview has set the stage for a week full of exciting news and releases, from Faction Focus articles to the return of Armies on Parade. Warhammer fans have a thrilling week to look forward to.