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Chaos Reigns: Khorne and Slaanesh Battle for Control in New Games Workshop Pre-Orders

Chaos Reigns: Khorne and Slaanesh Battle for Control in New Games Workshop Pre-Orders

Chaos reigns supreme in the Mortal Realms this weekend as Khorne and Slaanesh compete for dominance with new pre-orders from Games Workshop. The Blades of Khorne and Hedonites of Slaanesh are both getting updated Battletomes, with extensive background lore, new warscrolls, and Path to Glory campaign rules. Fans of Khorne can also get their hands on a limited edition version of the Battletome, complete with premium cover and gilt page edges.

Joining the Khorne forces is the Realmgore Ritualist, offering bloodthirsty benedictions to the Lord of Skulls and carving sinister runes into terrain features and objectives. For those looking to start a Khorne army, the Vanguard: Blades of Khorne set includes a powerful Slaughterpriest and a force of Bloodreavers, Blood Warriors, and Mighty Skullcrushers.

The Hedonites of Slaanesh, meanwhile, revel in their own indulgence and excess, with their new Battletome detailing their followers and offering cruel temptation to their enemies with Path to Glory campaign rules. The Lord of Hubris leads the charge with supreme confidence, while the Vanguard: Hedonites of Slaanesh set showcases their sublime martial prowess.

Fans of Middle-earth can also join in on the action with new miniature collections for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, featuring iconic characters and custom missions straight from your favourite scenes. Whether it’s collapsing the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, fending off giant spiders in Mirkwood, or rescuing Bilbo from the clutches of Trolls, there’s something for every Middle-earth fan.

Head to the Games Workshop webstore now to pre-order these exciting new releases. Please note that some products have been delayed in certain regions.