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Build Your Own Fantastical City with Animal Kingdom TCG

Build Your Own Fantastical City with Animal Kingdom TCG

Animal Kingdom TCG by Monster Channel is now on Kickstarter. The city-building game has already surpassed its initial goal of $25,261 with over $47,201 pledged by 136 backers and 28 days left to go before the campaign closes on June 8th.

Animal Kingdom TCG is a 2-4 player game where players take on the role of mayors in a fantastical city. With stunning fantasy artwork and unique gameplay mechanics, the game promises to stand out in the crowded world of TCGs. The game is already being played at local game stores and conventions, thanks to printable decks and a Tabletop Simulator plugin.

For those who want to get started right away, a fully voice-acted How to Play video is available on the Kickstarter page. The developers also host weekly Tabletop Simulator play sessions on Discord, giving players the chance to connect with each other and the creators of the game.

The test decks currently feature placeholder doodles drawn by the team, but these will be replaced with final artwork once it’s ready. Fans of the game can also check out the character profiles on the website to get a closer look at the assistant mayors available in the starter decks.

But Animal Kingdom TCG isn’t just about the cards. The game is set in a unique sci-fi fantasy world, and a webnovel called Tales from the Animal Kingdom is available for free on Royal Road. The prologue is already available, with the final chapter becoming available soon after the Kickstarter launch. The webnovel will correlate with new set releases, giving fans a chance to dive even deeper into the world of Animal Kingdom.