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Horrible Guild Unveils Wilderfeast: A Tabletop RPG of Culinary Adventure and Monster Hunting

Horrible Guild Unveils Wilderfeast: A Tabletop RPG of Culinary Adventure and Monster Hunting

Horrible Guild, a renowned publisher of tabletop games, has officially announced their latest creation, Wilderfeast™. This exciting new tabletop roleplaying game invites players to immerse themselves in a world where they become part of the natural order by making it a part of them. In Wilderfeast™, players assume the roles of “wilders,” a unique blend of monster hunters and chefs, who wield massive kitchen implements and gain incredible mutations by consuming the creatures they hunt.

At the heart of Wilderfeast™ is the pursuit of harmony between humanity and the untamed wilderness. Guided by the One Law of the One Land, all creatures, whether human or monster, are governed by the principle that “you are what you eat.” The game transports players to a post-post-apocalyptic supercontinent, a world both familiar and fantastic, where the power of food is intertwined with magic.

The One Land, an expansive and ancient realm, is exclusively populated by extraordinary monsters inspired by paleontology, cryptozoology, and iconic works such as Monster Hunter and Godzilla. However, the One Land is also under threat. Humans, relative newcomers to this realm, have unwittingly unleashed the frenzy, an eldritch virus that transforms monsters into violent and self-destructive beings before jumping to stronger hosts.

Enter the wilders, mutated rangers who work in packs and have taken it upon themselves to stop the frenzy. They embark on quests to hunt the creatures they must, nurture the ones they can, and consume the ones they fail to save. Armed with oversized cooking utensils that double as weapons, wilders gain potent mutations from the monsters they devour.

Each player’s wilder character possesses a unique Tool, such as a Cleaver, Pan, or Mitts, representing their culinary arsenal, as well as a Specialty like Baker, Butcher, or Fisher, which further enhances their skills. The game encourages players to explore their character’s backstory through a three-course narrative framework that frames their personal history with food.

While the One Land’s ecosystems are original, they are not entirely alien. Monsters in Wilderfeast™ celebrate and exaggerate the features of real animals, ranging from dinosaurs to dogs. Their supernatural abilities are deeply rooted in the struggles they face to survive. Notable examples include the majestic Kakwari, a peacock-like monster adorned with steel tail feathers, the armored Mammudo, a nectarivore sharing traits with pangolins and armadillos, the patient Hagsechu, a fire-spitting arachnid, and the cunning Botabo, a mammalian scavenger that assimilates features from other monsters by consuming their carcasses.

Wilderfeast™ incorporates a simple yet flexible dice pool system. Humans utilize d8s, while monsters rely on d20s. Wilders, embracing their dual nature as both human and monstrous, have the ability to switch between these dice sizes as they navigate the perils of the One Land. The game’s combat mechanics seamlessly blend puzzle-solving and fast-paced action strategy, empowering every pack of wilders to adopt their own unique approach to the Hunt. Will you divide into groups to expose a monster’s weak spots, or will you charge headfirst into the fray, fearlessly confronting your adversaries?

Created by the talented writer KC Shi, known for their work on tabletop RPGs like Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, the Uncaged anthology, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, and One More Quest, Wilderfeast™ promises an immersive and captivating gaming experience.