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New Edition of “Dark Deeds” Card Game Announced for Pre-Order

New Edition of “Dark Deeds” Card Game Announced for Pre-Order

“Dark Deeds,” the card game celebrated for its unique combination of strategy and humor, is set for a new edition, available for pre-order starting 28th March 2024. The game, developed by noted creators Mark Gibbons and Andy Chambers, is being released by Modiphius Entertainment.

In “Dark Deeds,” players assume the roles of minions serving a powerful but mysterious Patron in a fantasy city setting. The objective involves undertaking various clandestine tasks, ranging from theft to betrayal, all while avoiding attention from authorities and adversaries. Success in these ventures promises rewards, whereas failure comes with dire consequences.

Mark Gibbons discussed the development of the new edition, stating the original game’s concept was expanded upon during recent times, leading to adjustments in rules, the introduction of new cards, and fresh artwork. Gibbons expressed optimism about the revised edition’s potential impact.

Modiphius Entertainment, the publisher behind this new edition, is known for its diverse portfolio, including the Fallout RPG and Star Trek Adventures TTRPG. Chris Birch, Modiphius co-founder, highlighted “Dark Deeds” as a standout for its engaging gameplay centered around strategic deception.

Rookery Publications, in collaboration with Modiphius for this release, shared their anticipation for the game’s return. Andy Law, CEO of Rookery Publications, described the game as a product of creative brilliance, emphasizing its balance of strategy and humor.

For those interested in exploring “Dark Deeds” prior to its release, a digital version is available on Tabletopia. This offers an opportunity to experience the game’s mechanics and thematic elements firsthand.