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Free League Publishing Launches New Blade Runner RPG Expansion: Fiery Angels

Free League Publishing Launches New Blade Runner RPG Expansion: Fiery Angels

Free League Publishing has announced the release of Case File 02: Fiery Angels, the first official expansion for the Blade Runner The Roleplaying Game. This new case file introduces players to an investigation involving a suspect’s attempt to infiltrate the Wallace Corporation Memory Vaults, delving into the consequences and ethical dilemmas surrounding Replicant technology.

The expansion begins with a narrative that thrusts Blade Runners into an investigation concerning a suspect’s failed attempt to penetrate the Wallace Corporation’s Memory Vaults. This case quickly unfolds into a complex journey exploring the implications of Replicant technology, presenting players with a myriad of challenges that test their deductive skills and moral compasses.

Case File 02: Fiery Angels is designed as a standalone adventure, yet it cleverly integrates story elements from its predecessor, Case File 01: Electric Dreams, offering a seamless narrative experience. The expansion is notable for its deluxe format, mirroring the high production value of the initial case file included in the Blade Runner RPG Starter Set. It features a richly illustrated scenario book filled with detailed locations, characters, events, and leads for players to follow.

The creative minds behind the expansion are Tomas Härenstam and Joe LeFavi, the lead designers of the Blade Runner RPG, alongside artists Martin Grip, David Brasgalla, and Eelco Sebring. Their collective efforts have resulted in an engaging adventure that is both visually compelling and deeply narrative-driven.

Now available for purchase through the Free League webshop, Case File 02: Fiery Angels is also set to be distributed to retailers worldwide. Additionally, the expansion can be accessed in PDF format on DriveThruRPG and as a full content module for the Foundry virtual tabletop platform. This digital version is particularly suited for remote play, allowing players to easily manage the expansion’s comprehensive set of handouts and maps.