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Crystallo Expands Its Universe with ‘Untold Fortune’ and ‘Den Of Dragons’ Kickstarter Launch

Crystallo Expands Its Universe with ‘Untold Fortune’ and ‘Den Of Dragons’ Kickstarter Launch

Crystallo, the award-winning solo puzzle and abstract card game, has taken another step in its evolution by launching two new expansions via Kickstarter. The expansions, “Untold Fortune” and “Den Of Dragons”, have already accumulated US$ 12,874, significantly surpassing their initial goal of US$ 7,700 with 25 days still left in the campaign.

This solo player game, which combines strategic planning with a light fantasy theme, allows players to explore the lair of the malevolent Black Dragon. Through placing cards and creating crystal sets, players can free six magical creatures, eventually trapping the dragon in its own cave. Along the way, players also accumulate treasure, and can potentially emerge from the game as a wealthy champion.

First introduced to the gaming community four years ago, Crystallo has since grown in popularity, both on Kickstarter and in stores. Its creator, who embarked on this journey with some trepidation, has been delighted by the game’s success and the support received from the Kickstarter community.

The two expansions are the developer’s way of expressing gratitude to the gaming community. Both extensions have been in the works for several years and were designed to further enhance the gameplay experience without losing the essence of the original game.

Players can look forward to stunning new art, novel mechanics, heightened tension, and a greater range of meaningful decisions in the game. The developer reassures fans that despite these new introductions, Crystallo retains its core puzzle experience.

Both “Untold Fortune” and “Den Of Dragons” are now available to back on Kickstarter, with the campaign scheduled to run until July 14th.