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Ares Games to Distribute Fighters of the Pacific

Ares Games to Distribute Fighters of the Pacific

Ares Games has reached an agreement with Don’t Panic Games to be the distributor of the English edition of their tactical board game, Fighters of the Pacific. This game takes players back to WWII and the harrowing naval and air battles between the US and the Japanese (they’re fighting one-another and not actually fighting the ocean).

From the announcement:

 Ares Games announces a distribution partnership with French game publisher Don’t Panic Games to distribute the English edition of Fighters of the Pacific, a fast-paced and easy to learn tactical board game of naval air battles set during WWII in the Pacific theatre. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2021 and will release to retail in February 2023, after the Kickstarter fulfilment is completed.

Fighters of the Pacific is designed to provide an intense feeling of frantic air battles, with no dice, no ruler: all you need are the modular hex-based boards, sturdy and beautifully illustrated counters, and a lot of legendary WW2 aircrafts.