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Games Workshop Previews new Khorne Berserkers

Games Workshop Previews new Khorne Berserkers

“Blood for the Blood God!” It’s a call known by all 40k players, even if they don’t follow the Chaos god Khorne. Most known to be the call of Khorne Berserkers, they’re getting a new kit and in this preview, we get a look at just what that entails (lots of spikes and skulls, mostly).

From the article:

Lock up your planets, the World Eaters are on their way – and they’re absolutely ravenous. Angron’s shattered Legion of fanatical killers will descend on the 41st Millenium early next year with sharpened axes, polished crests, and gorgeous new miniatures.

Khorne Berzerkers are the mainstay of the XII Legion, warp-fuelled slaughterers who relish literally nothing more than tearing their foes to pieces in the blood-soaked ecstasy of battle. They’ve got a shiny new kit coming that builds 10 frothing maniacs at full charge – let’s take a closer look.*