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Year 2020

River Horse is continuing their partnership with the Jim Henson Company by announcing that they are working on The Dark Crystal Adventure Game. I kinda want to fill up the rest of this intro with just
As is their tradition, the folks over at Skirmisher Publishing are prepping for the lunar New Year coming up soon by releasing a monster for Dungeons & Dragons based on it. This upcoming year, we
A new adventure path will be coming soon for Starfinder to bring characters from Level 1 to Level 13. It's called Fly Free or Die and we get a look at an overview of it in this preview.
We're literally just a couple days from Christmas and while it's been too late to get something shipped to you for a while now, downloading files is basically instant. And that's how long it'll take t
A new Pathfinder Battles set is due to hit shelves soon and Paizo is showing off some more of the minis that they've been working with WizKids to make. If you want a peek inside Darklands Rising, this
The A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is getting an update early next year. We've been getting some previews of what these changes will be, but we've got a lot more to go on here with t
Some of you may be wondering why Paizo and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are working together to create Pathfinder adventures in Savage Worlds. Well, they have an answer for you. The short version is,
nicolasroquigny 30 days ago
Because Savage Worlds is an easy to learn and innovative rule system. A better entry point for new players than the relatively rules heavy Pathfinder.
The folks over at Kort'thalis Publishing have been working hard to get you the hardcover version of their Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise (man... fuchsia just -never- looks like it's spelled correctly...) bo
Alien Archive 4 will give Starfinder players and GMs a whole lot of new options when making characters and adventures for the game. In this preview, we get a look at one of the new species as well as
Teleporting around the place while a zombie plague is going on is a great way to stay one-step ahead of the shambling hordes. When the Survivors come across a group of teleportation stones, they're go
As always with One Page Rules updates, there's never just one thing they're talking about. If you love their games, you should just head over and check it out because there's a pretty good chance one
It's Christmas week and the last full week of the year, but Games Workshop still has some figures they're coming out at the end of the week. On both Friday and Saturday, new minis will go up for pre-o
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant dragon alert! We have Giant Dragon Alert! This time, it's for The Elder Scrolls from Modiphius. If you're wanting to get your hands on Mirmulnir, you can now. Head o
He-Man was the first cartoon that I ever really remember being "in to." Like, I'd watched other cartoons before, but He-Man was the one I had toys, pajamas, and lunchboxes for. Soon, I'll be able to g
Battlefront recently had a lot of their Bagration Soviets released for Flames of War. Now, it's time to fill out the other side of the battlefield. They've started taking pre-orders for their Bagratio
Awaken Realms has launched a Gamefound campaign for their new cooperative miniatures board game. It's ISS Vanguard and it will take you into the deep reaches of space, utilizing different, asymmetrica
You know, sometimes you just want a real surprise, even if you buy something for yourself. If you're looking to get a bunch of parts for various figures to use in some projects you're working on, you
Pathfinder. It's one of the most popular RPGs out there. Savage Worlds, it's one of the most popular RPG systems out there. Next year, you'll get these two great tastes tasting great together as Pinna
Soul Raiders is a new cooperative board game coming to Kickstarter next year. The game was created by best-selling author Marc Andre and a group of highly-talented artists. Head over to their page to
There's been a bunch of new books coming out recently for 40k as well as a couple box games from Games Workshop. And no matter how clear a rulebook is written, there's bound to be questions. And that'
At the start of next year, Paizo will be running a new playtest session for Pathfinder. If you want to help the game be the best it can and add your input into some new classes, this is your chance.
One of a faction's defining features in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is their Tactics Deck. This stack of cards, augmented by their army Commander, emphasizes the tactical mind
There's a lot of other companies out there that post Pathfinder and Starfinder-compatible content. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up (even for me, who looks specifically out for that kinda thing).
Modiphius has released the main rulebook for Kult: Divinity Lost in a slightly new format. Since the game's steeped in religious imagery and themes, they've created a Bible version.
Look, minis games aren't cheap. And most of us that play them have a dream army we'd love to get but haven't scraped together the funds for it yet. Or maybe you're wanting to start a new faction but d