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Z-Man Games Announces Sequel to Award-Winning Game “Challengers!”

Z-Man Games Announces Sequel to Award-Winning Game “Challengers!”

Z-Man Games has announced “Challengers! 2,” the much-anticipated sequel to the 2023 As d’Or award winner for “Initiated” game category and nominee for the 2023 Kennerspiel des Jahres. Creators Johannes Krenner and Markus Slawitscheck return with a brand new edition of the popular auto battler and deck management game.

“Challengers! 2” enhances the original’s unique gameplay with a stand-alone gaming experience, fully mixable with the first edition. Players can explore a myriad of combinations and synergies among the cards, opening up a universe of strategic possibilities. For fans of larger tournaments, combining both games can create a ‘Giga Tournament’ accommodating up to sixteen players – a sure game-changer for group game nights.

The new edition also introduces sixteen Trainer cards, each bringing unique powers to the table that elevate strategy. Some cards bolster defense, others enhance strength, and some offer the flexibility to extend your bench or even rearrange your deck. Compatibility across both games ensures the Trainer cards can bring an exciting twist to the original game and supercharge the fun in a Giga Tournament.

“Challengers! 2” brings a fresh array of over 70 characters, each equipped with extraordinary power, to your fingertips. The game’s magical universe extends from the Fairytale Forest to the Mountain Top, and the strategic possibilities are endless with the variety of characters. As tournament rounds progress, the tactical decision of retaining or switching out challengers becomes crucial to achieving victory.

This exciting sequel is set to be released at Essen 2023