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Command of Nature Surges Past Kickstarter Goal, Offering Unique Deck-Building Experience

Command of Nature Surges Past Kickstarter Goal, Offering Unique Deck-Building Experience

In just a short span of time, “Command of Nature,” an immersive, deck-building tabletop game, has remarkably exceeded its Kickstarter goal by almost x10, securing over $466,022 of its initial $50,000 target. The game, from the acclaimed creators of “Here to Slay” and “Casting Shadows,” has already garnered the support of over 5,000 backers, and with 19 days still to go before the campaign ends on June 20, the excitement is only building.

“Command of Nature” pits players against each other as powerful Sages, battling for supremacy in a magical forest. Each player summons warriors from the Twig, Leaf, Droplet, and Pebble factions, aiming to prove their prowess in strategic combat. As the battle unfolds, players level up, unlocking extraordinary abilities and recruiting new champions to their cause. The objective? To protect your Sage at all costs, vanquish your opponents, and earn the revered title of Master of the Elements.

The game offers a unique playing experience with its four Elemental factions – Pebble, Leaf, Twig, and Droplet. Each faction presents a different play style, and the Sage chosen by the player at the outset of the game further defines their strategic approach. Elemental Champions and Warriors from each player’s Sage pack, along with the Elemental Market, can be used to strengthen the formation and protect the Sage.

The true magic of “Command of Nature” lies in the deck-building aspect, with strategic game-play relying heavily on the Elemental and Command Markets. Command cards can be used to manipulate formations, initiate combat, and shield the player, while gold coins collected during the game can be spent on the Markets to upgrade decks with battle-ready Elementals and powerful Command cards.

As a show of gratitude to Kickstarter backers, the creators of “Command of Nature” are offering exclusive collectible items that will not be available online or in retail stores after the campaign. The excitement continues to build as the campaign progresses towards unlocking more Kickstarter Exclusives upon hitting stretch goals.