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Soulmist: Unspoken Tales on Kickstarter Now: A Dark and Unforgiving Journey Into Erebos

Soulmist: Unspoken Tales on Kickstarter Now: A Dark and Unforgiving Journey Into Erebos

Black Lantern Productions has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their latest dark fantasy adventure book, “Soulmist: Unspoken Tales.” It has already surpassed its goal of $16,047, with a total of $29,151 pledged by 326 backers. With 18 days still to go until the campaign ends on June 19, there is ample opportunity for fans to get involved.

“Soulmist: Unspoken Tales” is a compelling narrative of two sinister and ruthlessly challenging scenarios. Set in the heart of Erebos, a world on the brink of destruction, players are immersed in a brutal confrontation with the forces of darkness. The consequences of players’ actions become evident as their world crumbles around them, driving a tense and thrilling narrative.

The “Unspoken Tales” adventure book is set to be a comprehensive tome, with over 200 pages of content. Along with the two immersive adventures, the book is also teeming with new additions to the Soulmist universe. It features brutal dungeons, terrifying foes, mythical magic items, and brand new spells.

The first adventure, “The Crown of Twilight,” plunges players into the Darklands’ ancient vaults and exposes them to the daunting Dark Saint of Fear’s living dungeon. It introduces three atmospheric dungeons, more than ten new monsters, a revamped system for magical items, and over 20 new items, each with a powerful and dangerous effect. New NPCs also add to the narrative’s richness.

“The Tide of Darkness,” the second adventure, challenges players to defend Nalda, the heart of Lumen civilization, against the relentless onslaught of Neferu’Un’Ra. Among its highlights are a complete map of Nalda, new monsters, spells, a narrative tool called “The Tug-of-War System,” an encounter generator, and numerous NPCs.

The creators stress that while “Soulmist: Unspoken Tales” is embedded in the Soulmist universe, it can be used as a standard 5e adventure, making it an excellent resource for all D&D enthusiasts.

The campaign promises a host of early bird rewards, including a 10€ discount on the most popular pledge levels and limited edition bookmarks.

“Soulmist: Unspoken Tales” is the second installment in the Soulmist series, which takes place in the mystical world of Fyera. The first Soulmist Kickstarter campaign was a massive success, with more than 400% funding. As the saga continues, players face the ongoing struggle between light and darkness, with their choices shaping Fyera’s fate.