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Upcoming 5E Supplement “Surviving Strangehollow” to Launch on Kickstarter in March 2024

Upcoming 5E Supplement “Surviving Strangehollow” to Launch on Kickstarter in March 2024

March 2024 will mark the Kickstarter launch of “Surviving Strangehollow,” a new supplement for the 5E tabletop role-playing game system. The supplement draws its inspiration from the hand-painted art of Emily Hare, known for creating the unique world of Strangehollow and its myriad creatures. Aimed at both players and Dungeon Masters (DMs), “Surviving Strangehollow” offers a plethora of content suitable for enhancing existing campaigns or for diving into the lore-rich environment of Strangehollow itself.

The supplement is noteworthy for its collaboration with several legendary writers in the fantasy and tabletop RPG sphere. The list includes Ed Greenwood, famous for the Forgotten Realms and his prolific literary contributions; James Haeck, known for his work with Critical Role and Wizards of the Coast (WOTC); Elisa Teague of Crooked Moon and WOTC fame; Shawn Merwin from WOTC and Kobold Press; Erin Roberts of Paizo and WOTC; and Bryan CP Steele, who has contributed to Shadowrun, Transformers, Power Rangers, among others. The project also includes contributions from many other renowned authors and designers.

“Surviving Strangehollow” is more than just a supplement; it’s an expansive setting that offers new dimensions to the 5E experience. The book is packed with riveting new fiction and setting materials that delve into the tales of struggle, survival, and supremacy in Strangehollow. It features over 60 unique, hand-painted creatures, each meticulously developed with detailed ecology, statistics, behaviors, and quirks.

Moreover, the supplement introduces over eight new subclasses, offering new character options that resonate with the wild and chaotic essence of Strangehollow. Alongside these subclasses, players will find numerous new feats, backgrounds, and spells, like the intriguing Lost Cub background and the Scavenger feat, adding depth to character development.

The campaign will not only feature a high-quality print book and a PDF version but also custom dice and several other art-centric pieces, catering to the fans of Emily Hare’s art. Additionally, it will include several never-before-seen pieces of art, expanding the Strangehollow universe.

For those interested in backing this project or learning more, pre-registration is available at or more information can be found on their website. “Surviving Strangehollow” promises to be a significant addition to the 5E+ setting, bringing new challenges and adventures for players and DMs alike.

Kevin W. Gibbs

Sunday 4th of February 2024

HELLO Emily,will the limited edition book be different than the standard,surviving -strangehollow book? I can,t wait to receive mine.Emily you have an incredible imagination.Thank You! so Wishes please reply