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Solo Play Added to WWI Wings of Glory

Solo Play Added to WWI Wings of Glory

Can’t get out to your friend’s place to get a game in? Local shop closed for the pandemic? Still wanting to get some gaming in while you’re all alone? Ares Games is here to help. They’ve added solo play for WWI Wings of Glory via the app for the game. Just head over and get that and you’ll have your flying circus up in the air in no time.

From the announcement:

In this quarantine time, the apps for playing tabletop games in solo mode at home are a great resource. Following the WW2 Wings of Glory option reported last week, we found out a WW1 Wings of Glory app: the WoG Solo System, available both for Android and iOS devices, was designed by an Italian player, Danjel Ricci, to make it faster and easier to play WW1 Wings of Glory using Solo Rules made by the players’ community – Wings of Glory Aerodrome.

The WoG Solo System allows to add any number of AI planes to the fight and solve their maneuvers easily, without having to check the charts or roll the dice. Every plane can have a different set of rules, so it’s possible to play with both clumsy and smart AI pilots in the same game. Also, a damage counter on each plane will come in handy to keep the gaming area clear from unnecessary cards. The app was designed in 2015, but it’s updated to keep compatible with new system versions and device resolutions, and to support all the range of airplanes released in the game.