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Warlord Games Announces New Resin Formula

Warlord Games Announces New Resin Formula

Minis gamers have a lot of opinions about what material their figures are made out of. Resin, plastic, restic, pewter, lead… Well, Warlord Games has been working on a new formula for their Resin and they’re now happy to announce that Warlord Resin Plus is here.

From the article:

We’ve been hard at work perfecting Warlord Resin™, and we’re incredibly excited to reveal the fruits of our labours – Warlord Resin Plus™! This new formulation differs from the current Warlord Resin™ in a number of ways and we’re so satisfied with it that for the first time we will be producing miniatures for our most popular games system, Bolt Action, in Warlord Resin Plus™ (WLR+).