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Asmodee Releases Digital Revised Edition of Agricola

Asmodee Releases Digital Revised Edition of Agricola

At home and played all your games already? Can’t go out and get something new right now? Deliveries take too long? Well, Asmodee is here to help. They’ve released a digital, revised edition of the fan-favorite game, Agricola on multiple platforms.

From the announcement:

Asmodee Digital, a leader in video game entertainment inspired by board games, is proud to announce the launch of Agricola: Revised Edition on PC (Steam: 9,99 € / $9.99) and mobile (App Store: 5,49 € / $4.99 andGoogle Play: 4,99€ / $4.99).

Agricola is a classic board game masterpiece created by Uwe Rosenberg. Critics have praised Agricola’s rich gameplay, earning it major awards including Spiel des Jahres “Complex Game” 2008 and Golden Geek Board Game of the Year 2008. The digital adaption delivers not only all the depth of the original board game, but also provides all the improvements from the 2016 Revised Edition. This includes the rebalanced cards which were reworked by designer Uwe Rosenberg himself to get a better overall game feeling. Naturally, the digital version also benefits from a streamlined setup and convenient online multiplayer.

Set in Central Europe during the end of the Middle Ages, Agricola features a civilized world that was revitalized after years of shortage. In the game, all farmers wish for a better life and want to produce more and more food!

Choose an occupation in town to earn resources to enhance your wooden shack to a farmhouse! Plow your fields, sow with seeds and bake bread in your clay oven! Another way to get food is to find sheep, pigs or cattle in town and keep them in fences to breed small ones.

When your farm is large enough, it’s time to think about having a baby! Your children will help you with your tasks as they grow up! Don’t forget to stock up food for the wintertime or you will have to resort to begging in order to survive!

You can also choose specialties and improvements to take advantage of the other farmers!

The player with the biggest and greatest farm wins the game, so allocate resources wisely, develop your land carefully and create the best medieval farm!

Main features

  • Strategic and economic gameplay adapted from the 2016 Revised Edition of acclaimed board game Agricola by Uwe Rosenberg.
  • 1 to 4 players.
  • Play in single-player mode against the computer.
  • Play in multiplayer with your friends in local or with the rest of the world online!
  • Detailed step-by-step tutorial.

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