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Experience the Battle of Guadalcanal in Devil Pig Games’ Heroes of the Pacific: Now on Kickstarter

Experience the Battle of Guadalcanal in Devil Pig Games’ Heroes of the Pacific: Now on Kickstarter

Devil Pig Games, a French board game publisher, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their latest game, Heroes of the Pacific: Battle of Guadalcanal. The campaign has already surpassed its initial goal of 40,000 euros and has raised over 81,000 euros with 16 days left to go.

Heroes of the Pacific is based on the HEROES SYSTEM: TACTICAL SCALE, which won the Best Historical Boardgame of the Year award in 2015. The game is designed to simulate and fight small-scale military conflicts with ease, while retaining a proper wargame feel with necessary tactics.

The Battle of Guadalcanal, which took place during World War II, is the game’s theme. Players can choose to land or defend the Solomon Islands and experience the battle firsthand. The game introduces two new armies, the Imperial Japanese (both Army & Navy) and the USMC, and explores new types of terrain such as the jungle.

The game features a recruitment system that offers players different regiments with their own specializations. The recruitment tiles tell players which units they will deploy on the battlefield. Command tiles provide specific bonuses, represented by Doctrine Cards, which give each regiment a specialization and add replayability to the game.

Players may also control heroes, such as Tetsuo Ugaki, who possess crucial characteristics or weaponry that can tip the balance of battle to their advantage.

Heroes of the Pacific is played over a series of game turns divided into three phases: Supply Phase, Order Phase, and Activation Phase. The game also features Action Cards, which allow players to perform heroic actions and add a unique element to the game.

The Kickstarter campaign offers a core box and a Battle Pack, which will allow players to relive the battles that took place during Operation Watchtower, mainly on the island of Guadalcanal. The campaign also features Stretch Goals tied to its financial progress, and surprises are promised along the way.

Heroes of the Pacific: Battle of Guadalcanal promises to be an exciting addition to the Heroes System range, transporting players to the steaming depths of the Pacific jungles. The campaign will end on April 14th, 2023.