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Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind, a Hybrid RPG Experience, Dominates Kickstarter Campaign

Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind, a Hybrid RPG Experience, Dominates Kickstarter Campaign

Freecompany has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind. This unique game intertwines deep tactical combat, dungeon crawl mechanics, and premium miniatures, offering a versatile gaming experience. With an impressive $200,152 already pledged, far surpassing its initial goal of $30,073, the campaign has already attracted 912 backers with 20 days still remaining.

Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind builds on the immersive world established in the original Eldfall Chronicles, adding a chilling new layer with its dungeon-crawl mechanics. The game sees players embarking on a haunting adventure that could determine the fate of an entire Empire. Four courageous, albeit unfortunate, “heroes” set out on a perilous journey to the summit of the blighted Mt. Byōdō, fighting against a formidable, profane evil.

The game offers a unique blend of two well-loved tabletop genres, doubling as a standalone game while also being fully compatible with the Eldfall Chronicles skirmish wargame. This compatibility allows for cross-play between the two games, with miniatures and profiles from the original Eldfall Chronicles being usable in Northern Wind, and vice versa. This feature makes Northern Wind a cost-effective expansion for current owners of Eldfall Chronicles, and an enticing entry point for newcomers.

Northern Wind boasts a roster of new characters and enemies, all brought to life through signature, top-quality, next-gen resin miniatures. These vivid characters are set to engage in fast-paced, tactical combat over tile-based movement systems. The game seeks to keep players on the edge of their seats with nail-biting quests and challenges, boasting dozens of hours of content and endless replayability due to its branching story and leveling mechanics.

Designed to cater to all types of gamers, Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind offers solo, cooperative, and PvP mechanics. This adaptability ensures the game can fit into any group dynamic, whether for a solo evening of dungeon-crawling or a competitive game night with friends.

Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind is set to close its Kickstarter campaign on July 13, giving prospective backers a little under three weeks to join the adventure. This ambitious project combines the thrill of an RPG, the strategy of a skirmish wargame, and the allure of beautifully crafted miniatures into one package. Whether you’re a tabletop veteran or a newcomer, Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind might just be the next game to grace your gaming table.