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Play as Napoleon or Wellington in Worthington Publishing’s Waterloo Solitaire Board Game, Now on Kickstarter

Play as Napoleon or Wellington in Worthington Publishing’s Waterloo Solitaire Board Game, Now on Kickstarter

Waterloo Solitaire, a new board game by Worthington Publishing is now on Kickstarter, having raised over $16,000 from a goal of $1,800 with 13 days left in the campaign. The game is based on the popular Waterloo Solitaire Bookgame available on Amazon, and offers a solitaire boardgame playable in 60 minutes using cards.

One of the unique features of the game is that it can be played as either side. Players can take the role of Napoleon commanding the French army against an opposing Allied autonomous player side, referred to as the Allied BOT side. Alternatively, they can take the role of Wellington, commanding the Allied army against a French BOT side. Each opposing BOT side has three levels that relate to its skill; Challenging, Veteran, and Tough.

The game involves playing action cards from a hand of cards available for the side being played. Players also have the option of using Combined Arms Tactics with a supporting card action to the one card action played. Your choices can cause Die Roll Modifiers (DRM) that affect attacks with results that cause unit eliminations and tactical events to occur.

The object of the game for the French player is to defeat the Allies by the end of the game. This is accomplished by removing all units in 2 of the 3 Allied infantry formations. The object for the Allied player is to avoid defeat by the end of the game. Both sides also have several other ways to win or lose before the game ends.

The Waterloo Solitaire board game is based on the bestselling Waterloo Solitaire Bookgame. It comes with a hard mounted game board with enhanced graphics, wooden game pieces to represent the infantry and cavalry units, and a large hard mounted game board map of the battlefield.

A major change between the bookgame and board game is the use of cards for player actions in the board game. There is a deck of cards used for the player when playing the Allies, and there is another deck of cards when playing the French. BOT actions are on Action Charts, and there are six in the game. Three are for Allied BOT and three are for French BOT of varying skills. A custom easel is included that holds the BOT Action Chart upright facing the player.

The Kickstarter campaign for Waterloo Solitaire ends on April 29. The game is a must-have for any history buff or board game enthusiast looking for a new challenge.