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Monty Python Invades Zombicide with a New SPAM-filled Expansion Pack

Monty Python Invades Zombicide with a New SPAM-filled Expansion Pack

The much-loved comedic world of Monty Python is about to collide with the zombie apocalypse in a delightful mash-up that promises to be as absurd as it sounds. Cool Mini or Not (CMON) games has announced the Monty Python’s Flying Circus SPAM expansion for Zombicide 2nd Edition. This eagerly anticipated add-on is now available for pre-order, offering a fresh take on the renowned cooperative board game.

Fans of both Zombicide and Monty Python are in for a treat as the iconic sketches from the British TV show are given a zombie apocalypse makeover. The expansion pack introduces the concept of Survivors, new equipment, and even a novel mission.

In true Monty Python fashion, the expansion set comes with a range of hilariously unusual foes such as silly walkers, vicious grannies, and fish-slapping dancers. CMON is pulling no punches in providing a gaming experience brimming with the iconic British comedy’s nonsensical humor.

Each pre-order comes with an exclusive pack containing the Gumbys, a character played by each member of the Python troupe. This expansion contains a diverse assortment of elements including 21 miniatures, 8 tokens, and 47 cards. The miniatures are divided among 6 survivors, 7 “zombies,” and 8 abominations, adding layers of complexity to the gameplay.

However, it’s the unique equipment cards that will surely have players chuckling at the table. The expansion introduces players to surreal weapons like a halibut for pushing enemies away, a raw chicken to strike the unworthy, a mallet to chase musical mice, and even a 16-ton weight to drop on unsuspecting foes. Plus, the infamous “Funniest Joke in the World” card promises to have enemies falling in stitches—quite literally.

In addition to these amusing additions, the expansion also includes SPAM cards that infiltrate every deck in the game. So, prepare for an uncanny gameplay where SPAM will be as ubiquitous as the undead.

For the collectors out there, this expansion pack might tickle your fancy. Pre-orders include the exclusive Gumby pack, showcasing the whole Python troupe as the titular characters. These Gumbys can be used as an Abomination, a Companion, or even a Survivor, adding an element of flexibility and fun to the proceedings.

Set for delivery in April 2024, CMON warns that this character pack expansion requires the Zombicide 2nd Edition core box to play. So, whether you’re a seasoned Zombicide player or a newcomer enticed by the Monty Python madness, there’s plenty of time to get your hands on the core box before the silly walkers invade your game nights.