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Conan the Scout RPG Supplement Available in PDF From Modiphius

Conan the Scout RPG Supplement Available in PDF From Modiphius

A new supplement for the Conan RPG is now available in pdf form from Modiphius. Conan is well-known for wearing a bunch of different hats during his lifetime. Barbarian, Destroyer, King, Short-order Cook (that might just be from a comedy sketch I saw once), and now he’s a Scout. Head with Conan into the world of the Picts in Conan the Scout.

From the announcement:

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of Conan the Scout, a brand new sourcebook for the Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed of RPG for those who want to explore adventure on the Pictish frontier.

Hungry for expansion, the kingdoms of the dreaming west expand into lands held for millennia by the Picts, an ancient race predating even the Hyborian Age. The Pictish Wilderness is vast and untamable, hiding mysteries and horror. In this wild theater, the eternal struggle between civilization and savagery intensifies, and the people of this land hold the line against invasion. To the east, the Border Kingdom stands as civilization’s defense between the fearsome Hyperboreans and the unready kingdoms to the south. Conan the Scout is the guide to life on the border, filled with information about the rugged world of the settlers, pioneers, hunters, and scouts, and their implacable enemies: the Picts. It is a place of danger and opportunity. Many have perished, but some have prospered. Standing against the tide of barbarians to the north are the Rangers, striving to protect the innocents, and born in this frontier are the famed Bossonian Archers and the vaunted mercenaries of Gunderland. Take up your axe, your bow, and strike out into the untamed wilderness!

  • New archetypes, talents, and equipment allowing you to create frontier characters, ready to strike out into the unknown and forge a new home, or to protect those who settle this rough land.
  • A gazetteer covering the regions at the edge of the civilized world — the Bossonian Marches, the Westermarck, Tauran, and Gunderland — as well as the tumultuous Border Kingdom.
  • Information about the deep forests of the Pictish Wilderness, including the major Pict tribes, their magic, and their enigmatic ways.
  • Descriptions of groups such as the Rangers, Bossonian archers, and Gunderland mercenaries — including how to join their ranks.
  • Rules for carousing and time between adventures in the frontier.
  • Stunning art and maps produced by new and renowned Conan artists.
  • Developed with leading Conan scholars, this is the frontier as Howard depicted it — a place of mystery and danger, as well as opportunity!