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Plaid Hat Previews Shadow Elves Champions for Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Previews Shadow Elves Champions for Summoner Wars

The final preview for the Shadow Elves is among us. Their new deck for Summoner Wars is on the way and in this preview, we get a look at the champions the faction will be bringing to tabletops.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! At last, the champions of the Shadow Elves have arrived!

Taliya can change the pace of battle in the blink of an eye. The moment she reaches into the depths of an enemy gate, its power is corrupted, allowing you to use it as a warp point for your own allies! Watch as your opponents tremble in fear as you turn their gates against them.

Samara, the harbinger of doom, enters the battlefield with overwhelming presence. Each turn, someone will pay the price, and it’s up to you to tip the scales in your favor as much as possible. Samara will lash out at the opponent’s summoner each turn you are able to destroy an enemy unit. And if not, Selundar must take the hit.

Lucian mysteriously weighs the forces of dark and light, carefully calculating each ally that enters and leaves play. When the moment is right, unleash her Judgment upon the unfortunate soul who dares to stand in her way!

 That’s all for the Shadow Elves, see you next week for more Summoner Wars previews of the Wayfarers faction! Be sure to subscribe to be among the first to get these decks. Until then, happy summoning!