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New to the Battlefront: Games Workshop Unveils the Wildercorps Hunters

New to the Battlefront: Games Workshop Unveils the Wildercorps Hunters

The war-ravaged Mortal Realms welcome a new vanguard as Games Workshop introduces the Wildercorps Hunters into the Cities of Sigmar line. Amidst the varied force of the Cities of Sigmar, including seasoned marshals, the rifle-armed Fusiliers, and the imposing Ogor Warhulks, the stealthy Wildercorps Hunters stand out as a unique addition.

The Wildercorps Hunters, primarily composed of the survivors known as the Reclaimed, act as reconnaissance units for the larger formations. These veterans have endured harsh conditions under Chaos rule, giving them invaluable skills in tracking and survival. Paired with the keen senses of the Trailhounds, their canine companions, these scouts provide critical information about enemy movements and the lay of the land.

Notable for their stealth, the Wildercorps Hunters remain effectively unseen in the battlefield, making them immune to enemy targeting while in cover or stationed beyond a 12-inch distance. Their expertise in ambushing, coupled with their strategic positioning, makes them a potent force. Their arbalest weaponry, aimed at vulnerable enemy spots, inflicts devastating damage with increased Rend.

Beyond their roles in the larger armies, the Wildercorps Hunters also assemble into independent Warcry warbands. These formidable groups, consisting of skilled loners and their fierce hounds, can rival other beast-led warbands, such as the Offal Hounds of the Royal Beastflayers or the simian Howlaz of the Monsta-Killaz.

While the Wildercorps Hunters’ next deployment in the perilous Gnarlwood remains to be seen, ominous tracks have hinted at impending encounters of significant danger.

As the Cities of Sigmar Army Set nears its launch, fans can expect more exciting announcements from Games Workshop. The introduction of the Wildercorps Hunters is just the first among the line-up of reinforcements preparing to join the epic battles of the Mortal Realms.