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Corvus Belli Announces New Plastic Resin Miniatures for Improved Quality and Durability

Corvus Belli Announces New Plastic Resin Miniatures for Improved Quality and Durability

Corvus Belli, the renowned manufacturer of miniatures, has recently announced the addition of a new material to their range of miniature production. The company has been experimenting with plastic resin, a mixture of resin and PVC, and has decided to partner with external supplier Unicool to bring this material to the market. The company has been testing this new material for several months and is excited to introduce it to its customers.

The new plastic resin miniatures have a high level of detail and are more durable than conventional resin. This new material is harder than thermoplastic, but it is not fragile and is also flexible. Assembly and cleaning of the pieces are simple, and gluing them together is easy with the recommended cyanoacrylate glue. Painting is also straightforward, and the material does not require any special considerations when it comes to priming and painting.

The company plans to produce alternative versions of the Marut and the Hassassin Ayyar in plastic resin for 2023, included in the new ITS Special pack that will be released in April. The online store will indicate which products are made of metal, thermoplastic, or plastic resin appropriately.

Corvus Belli has always been committed to improving its products and manufacturing processes, and this new material is part of that effort. The production of plastic resin miniatures will provide the company with a new manufacturing option for specific cases, and will not replace metal or thermoplastic miniatures. The company will continue to produce miniatures in all three materials to maintain the quality that its customers have come to expect.

Overall, the introduction of plastic resin miniatures is a significant development for Corvus Belli and its customers. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in this new addition to their range of miniature production, and customers can expect even more exciting developments in the future.