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Infinity’s June New Releases Pack a Punch

Infinity’s June New Releases Pack a Punch

Infinity announced the release of several new additions to their roster of game miniatures. The release includes units for multiple armies, offering a host of options for players looking to enhance their gaming experience.

O-Yoroi Kidobutai for the JSA army is one of the highlighted releases, with the box including an injected thermoplastic O-Yoroi and two CrazyKoalas. The O-Yoroi, designed as a combination of agility-focused enhanced armor and a lightweight single-person light combat vehicle, offers substantial firepower. This release is anticipated to be a game-changer in close combat scenarios.

For the Combined Army/Morat Aggression Forces, the June release includes Rodoks, Armed Imposition Detachment. This box includes three miniatures: a Rodok with a Submachine Gun, a Rodok with a Missile Launcher, and a Rodok with Spitfire. Known for their mobility and appetite for close-quarters combat, Rodoks perfectly embody the Morat ideals, adding an aggressive edge to player’s forces.

Ariadna/Kosmoflot’s Patchers, Structural Response Team is a valuable addition for players seeking objective-oriented units. Equipped with powered exoskeletons, these units are swift and effective in managing and sealing leaks in the hull. The set includes two miniatures, a Patcher with a Heavy Flamethrower, and a Patcher with a Vulkan Shotgun, providing a compelling blend of speed and firepower.

Bakunin’s army is bolstered by the addition of the Stigmata, an injected thermoplastic TAG unit known for its raw power and savage brutality. Accompanied by a hacking device, Stigmata promises to bring terror to the enemy lines.

Additionally, two expansion packs have been released: the Starmada Expansion Pack Alpha and the JSA Expansion Pack Alpha. The Starmada pack includes three miniatures: a Sarko with a Submachine Gun, a Sekudroid with an Adhesive Launcher, and a WildParrot. The JSA pack includes five miniatures, notably featuring two Ninjas and a Shikami with a Combi Rifle.

Lastly, the Sputniks box, compatible with multiple armies including Nomads, Corregidor, Bakunin, Tunguska, and Starco, brings four miniatures: a Tsyklon with Spitfire, a Lunokhod with a Heavy Shotgun, and two CrazyKoalas. These speedy, firepower-equipped Remotes make for a perfect addition to any Nomad force.