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CMON Announces “Mordred”: An Arthurian Themed Area Control Game Coming Soon to Kickstarter

CMON Announces “Mordred”: An Arthurian Themed Area Control Game Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Mordred, the enigmatic figure often portrayed as the antagonist in Arthurian legend, is taking center stage in the gaming world. Renowned board game publisher CMON has announced the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for their new project, Mordred, an innovative area control game set in the realm of King Arthur.

“Mordred” is developed by acclaimed game designer Alexio Schneeberger with additional design by Andrea Chiarvesio. The game’s art and concept are helmed by Adrian Smith, who is known for his visually stunning work on games such as Chronicles of HATE, Blood Rage, Rising Sun, and Ankh. Furthermore, the game’s sculptures are crafted by Studio McVey, adding a distinctive touch to the game’s aesthetic.

“Mordred” introduces a compelling twist to the familiar Arthurian legend. Following a disastrous merging of Britain and the Fae realm brought on by Mordred himself, King Arthur has mysteriously vanished. Now, numerous mortal and Fae factions vie for power in this chaotic new world.

Each player controls one of these asymmetrical factions, navigating this politically turbulent landscape in pursuit of victory. Players strive to earn the favor of the three great leaders of the realm: Mordred, Morgana, and Merlin. However, managing actions efficiently is crucial as each one consumes precious time. As the chaos heightens, players face great peril but are also presented with opportunities for greater rewards.

“Mordred” offers a unique and engaging narrative-driven gaming experience, merging strategy, area control, and resource management mechanics. The game’s rich lore and captivating artwork provide a fresh take on the Arthurian mythos, allowing players to experience these timeless tales from an entirely new perspective.

CMON is encouraging interested backers to stay tuned for more information and to sign up for notifications for when the game officially launches on Kickstarter. Given CMON’s track record of delivering high-quality games, “Mordred” is set to be another successful entry in their impressive portfolio.