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Warlord Games Announces the Release of ‘Tough Gut’ Bolt Action Campaign Book

Warlord Games Announces the Release of ‘Tough Gut’ Bolt Action Campaign Book

Warlord Games announced the release of “Tough Gut,” a sequel to the Bolt Action campaign book “Soft Underbelly,” on their official website. The newly released book was authored by Robert Vella and propels the timeline into 1944, focusing on the invasion of mainland Italy.

“Tough Gut” narrates the gripping tale of the first five months of mainland Italy’s invasion in 1943/44, covering the landings and breakout from the Anzio beachhead, the Gustav Line’s fierce combat, and the legendary battles for Monte Cassino. The book is a must-have for Bolt Action tabletop enthusiasts keen on re-enacting these strategically crucial yet often overlooked battles.

The book presents a total of ten unique scenarios, from the opening skirmish “The Barracks,” to the concluding epic battle “Playing With the Big Cats.”

“Tough Gut” introduces new units and theatre selectors for both Allies and Axis. Allies can now utilize specific rules and units representing New Zealanders (including Māori), Indians, Canadians, and Poles. The Axis also gets a refresh with German forces, including seasoned veterans and raw recruits, especially the Fallschirmjäger paratroopers who played a significant role in Monte Cassino’s bitter defense.

The book also includes extra rules and revised special pieces of equipment tailored explicitly for the Italian campaign, ranging from early-model Panzerfaust 30 anti-tank weapons to flash suppressors for machine guns. Gebirgsjäger now receive the Mountain Warriors special rule, and the Forza d’Animo national special rule sees Italian forces become more aggressive on the tabletop.

A unique addition to the book is the legendary bear, Wojtek, who was adopted by Polish soldiers and served alongside them throughout the Italian campaign. Wojtek was an ammunition carrier for an artillery unit, and his presence boosted morale among the human troops. Wojtek’s special rules in Bolt Action extend a morale-boosting aura to friendly troops within his vicinity.

“Tough Gut” is available through the Warlord Games webstore and comes with the exclusive book figure, Wojtek the Bear, when ordered from there. This campaign book is expected to provide fresh and exciting content for Bolt Action fans and provide an immersive WWII gaming experience.