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Modiphius Unveils New Additions to The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Universe

The world of The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms just got a lot more exciting. Modiphius Entertainment has released new content for the beloved tabletop game based on the wildly popular Elder Scrolls video game franchise. Included in the latest releases are new sets for the upcoming Chapter 4 – Rise of the Dragon Priests, as well as the long-awaited Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Starter Set.

The Chapter 4 additions, available for pre-order now, include The College of Winterhold and The Draugr Scourges sets. The College set features six powerful mages and, in a first for Modiphius, mixes traditional resin with colored, translucent resin parts for spell effects. Though the company didn’t have the colored resin ready in time to showcase on the painted figures, players can use these parts to create dazzling spell effects or paint over them for a more traditional look.

Meanwhile, the Draugr Scourges set expands the Draugr faction to include more “hero” characters and Follower troops. The most powerful Draugr, the Death Overlord, is introduced in this set, along with heavy infantry type Draugr, the Scourges, and their leader, the Scourge Lord.

The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Starter Set is a standalone boxed experience that provides all the necessary components for players to get started. Included are the Core Rules Box, Plastic Imperial Legion Starter, Plastic Stormcloak Starter, Plastic Bleak Falls Barrow, and a Dragonborn Ethereal, all packaged in a beautifully illustrated box. This starter set streamlines the game’s entry point and is a valuable asset to both new players and retailers alike.

In addition to the new sets, Modiphius announced the launch of a new dedicated website for The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms – The site links to shopping pages on and serves as a hub for all content related to the game. From How To Play videos and painting tutorials to downloads and faction reviews, the new website gathers everything a player might need in one convenient place.

Modiphius also mentioned an ongoing initiative to revise the game’s rulebook, with a feedback collection window open until the 9th of June. While no promises were made about including comments made after this date, the team encourages players to continue sharing their thoughts and ideas.