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Games Workshop Celebrates Cadia’s Finest, Minka Lesk, with New Releases

Games Workshop Celebrates Cadia’s Finest, Minka Lesk, with New Releases

This weekend, Games Workshop pays tribute to one of Cadia’s bravest soldiers, Arminka Lesk, with the release of new literature, a unique miniature, and a free mission for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Minka Lesk, created by renowned author Justin D Hill, is a survivor of the apocalypse that devastated Cadia, one of the most audacious assaults by Abaddon. From her beginnings as a Whiteshield, defending her home against the 13th Black Crusade, Lesk has risen through the ranks, thanks to her command skills, propensity for overcoming insurmountable odds, and a pinch of good fortune.

Lesk is now in command of the Cadian 101st, a company committed to preserving the memory of their lost homeworld. This weekend, fans of the resourceful hero will be delighted with the new releases commemorating her valiant story.

“Shadow of the Eighth”, the new book hitting shelves, follows Lesk and the Cadian 101st as they uncover the fate of the Cadian 8th. Initially presumed lost in the fall, clues now suggest the regiment’s unexpected escape, possibly to the diminishing empire of a Chaos-worshipping tyrant. Alongside its release in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats, a Special Edition limited to 1,500 copies is also available.

Moreover, fans can look forward to “Minka Lesk: The Last Whiteshield”, a massive omnibus comprising all five previous Minka Lesk stories. It offers the perfect introduction to this compelling character and her adventures. For those who have already begun their collection of Lesk’s stories, other books like “Battle for Hive Markgraaf”, “Cadia Stands”, “Cadian Honour”, “Traitor Rock”, and the 2021 Advent eShort “The Place of Pain and Healing” are still available on the Black Library website.

Not to forget the miniature enthusiasts, an exclusive Minka Lesk miniature is available to order between the 22nd of July and the 7th of August at 8am BST.

To complement these releases, the Warhammer Studio is also offering a free downloadable battleplan. This unique mission gives players a chance to recreate the Fall of Kasr Myrak and make the forces of Chaos pay in blood for every inch of Cadian territory they seize.