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  1. This is fake news. There was never an NFT-based game.

    “Originally conceived as an NFT-based game, Wonders of The First has rebranded itself in the physical realm as NFTs have waned in popularity.”

  2. This article is full of inaccuracies and misrepresentation. I suggest you get the facts right before publishing misinformation.

  3. Speaking in half truths and not doing your due diligence in research is disappointing to say the least from a site claiming to be “news”. This article is full of false information. Do better.

  4. I’m concerned about the lack of investigative research done before making speculative false statements. Do some research and check out the project. It will be the next big thing!!

  5. Absolute nonsense, before you post an article atleast do some research on what you are writing about.

    Awful article clearly written by an awful company/person.

    Just be better.

  6. Imagine putting the effort wasted here reporting falsely into getting out of your parents house at over age 30….

  7. This author just lost all credibility. Shocked by the TBN team allowing completely inaccurate information to be published. I’m a consumer (not on the Wonders team) and have done countless hours of research to know that Wonders has been set to be a physical product since day one. There is ZERO angst within this Wonders consumer community about this falsely stated “pivot”. As a whole the community is excited with the owners commitment to quality and they have delivered at every turn to date with Wonders. Check your sources next time…maybe call the owner and get their perspective. Go Wonders!

  8. Tell me you didn’t read anything, without telling me you didn’t read anything before posting this 🤣 read comments from other people who didn’t read anything and then post an article without reading anything. “Journalism 101”

  9. This is totally fake, completely made up, I must say the comments did not disappoint. Do better, “journalist”…

  10. what is your source for all this incorrect info?

    “…numerous concerns raised by backers…” it raised $1mil in 12 hrs. if they had concerns, they wouldn’t have backed it.

    “Originally conceived as an NFT-based game, Wonders of The First has rebranded itself in the physical realm…” it was *never* a NFT-based game. the physical game was always a goal.

    i stopped reading after realizing you clearly have a malicious agenda here. i have to assume you either got bad info and didn’t bother fact-checking or you’re one of these so-called backers with concerns and most likely one of the uninformed commenters on the fb ads.

  11. Curious as to what was done to you, personally, by this company? Because you CAN’T really be this STUPID (or hopefully you’re “misinformed”. A VERY IMPORTANT part of journalism is ACTUALLY doing research and being (at least) somewhat informed with ACTUAL FACTS. Sad that you use this space to spread nonsense. DO BETTER!

  12. Funny how all these posts say “do better” and that the writer needs to do “research”…

    Sounds like a scam to me.

  13. Lol you can tell in the comments who’s trying to defend very specific verbiage about wonders. It wasn’t originally a game so they claim false news but don’t deny that it was an nft project before this.

    1. @Vince, also not true. A physical game was always a part of the project. This was not an nft project that became a physical one. You are meshing two separate things.

      I’m not asking you to like the game. Hate on it all you want. But hate on it for correct reasons.

    2. Ah, used the wrong word again. Sorry not NFT game but NFT collection, don’t roast me on that one.

    3. @Vince, the game was always a physical game. Yes, there are also character proofs that were minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and there is some historical significance to the block that the proofs were minted on. That said, those are only relevant to people who choose to care about them and they have zero to do with the physical card game.

      With respect to the lack of reprints, that’s a philosophical difference of opinion. If one does not want to collect or “speculate” in future value then they do not have to. If one wants to build a set but is concerned that they will eventually become too expensive, then the options are either buy now or don’t. There are no guarantees at all that the cards will be worth more in the future, if anything that’s quite a lofty assumption. If they are too expensive for a writer of table top gaming news, well I want a private jet but I’m not writing blogs about how I can’t afford one.

    4. @Vince, lollll. You are a hero. “It wasn’t an nft “ is refuted with one link. Doesn’t matter how much money it makes, people don’t pay until the Kickstarter is over. I raised 50k and ended up with about 44 when people dropped out or didn’t pay. A lot can happen in the next few weeks and if you look at ads on social media this thing is getting ripped apart because of how many scam
      Red flags it is giving off.

    5. @Vince, both links are for the same thing. The Collector’s proofs tied to IP rights which are on blockchain to prove ownership. If you don’t care about IP rights…..etc. then it doesn’t matter.
      The game itself and playing it is exclusive of that.

    6. @Mudgeo, the Collectors proofs are on the blockchain for proof of ownership.
      The game itself and playing it is exclusive of all that.

  14. LOL @ this comment section being brigaded by psychos from their discord. they get like this everywhere whenever someone threatens their “investment”

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