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Dragonbane: A New Dawn for Scandinavia’s Premier Fantasy RPG

Dragonbane: A New Dawn for Scandinavia’s Premier Fantasy RPG

Free League Publishing ahs officially unveiled Dragonbane, the latest edition of Scandinavia’s pioneering and most-loved RPG, Drakar och Demoner.

The revamped version of this storied fantasy RPG brims with enchantment, enigma, and escapade. This recent release has garnered much attention, having been named one of 2023’s most eagerly awaited RPGs by EN World. Its immense popularity was further cemented during this year’s Gen Con where the demo sessions and initial release copies were instantly snapped up.

Prospective adventurers can secure their Dragonbane core set through Free League’s official website or from global retailers. The core set is supplemented with numerous extras such as a tangible quickstart guide, a bespoke dice set, and a GM screen. For those partial to digital formats, the game’s PDF edition can be procured from DriveThruRPG. Additionally, RPG enthusiasts can sample the Dragonbane Quickstart PDF at no charge on the official site or at DriveThruRPG.

In an encouraging move for the RPG community, Free League is offering third-party licensing for Dragonbane, empowering creators to conceive and distribute their own unique supplements for the game.

Free League Publishing has meticulously designed Dragonbane to facilitate swift and exhilarating gameplay. The adventures are designed to demand minimal preparation, creating a gaming environment that is as spontaneous as it is captivating. This harmonious blend of humor and harrowing challenges is what Free League dubs as “mirth and mayhem roleplaying,” perfect for both extensive campaigns and swift one-shots.

The core set offers a plethora of content:

  • A comprehensive rulebook featuring streamlined D20-based game rules.
  • An adventure manual with eleven distinct escapades, culminating in the grand Secret of the Dragon Emperor campaign.
  • A booklet titled Alone in Deepfall Breach for solo gameplay.
  • A vivid, full-color map of the Misty Vale.
  • Illustrated cards for varied gameplay elements.
  • A ten-piece transparent polyhedral dice set, highlighted by two specialized D20s.
  • Pre-designed characters, blank character sheets, cardboard character and monster standees, and a two-sided battle mat.

The resurgence of Dragonbane underscores the so-called “Swedish wave” that has permeated the RPG realm over the years. Since the 1980s, the Swedish tabletop roleplaying culture has been thriving, with Drakar och Demoner being its inaugural foray. This legacy is integral in positioning Swedish designers at the vanguard of innovative RPG creations.

Drakar och Demoner made its debut in 1982 as Sweden’s very first roleplaying game and continues to hold the title of Scandinavia’s most cherished RPG. Initially introduced as a translation of Chaosium’s Magic World, the game soon crafted its unique identity, with myriad editions enriching its lore over the years. Now, for the first time, Free League is broadening its horizons, presenting Dragonbane to a global audience.