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Don’t Panic Games Posts Updated Cowboy Bebop RPG Beta Rules

Don’t Panic Games Posts Updated Cowboy Bebop RPG Beta Rules

Later this summer, Don’t Panic Games is bringing us an official RPG based on the Cowboy Bebop anime. They’ve posted a new edition of the beta rules for the game, giving you a chance to look it over and also give your feedback about the system. Head on over and download your copy now.

From the article:

We have to thank our fans and playtesters for the incredible feedback this project is getting. Hundreds and hundreds of comments, suggestions, proposals, and concerns have led us to several changes.


We followed four basic ideas from the feedback:

  • More choicesMany of you wanted to have more choices to make a test. You want not just to try to get as many traits as possible to get the best results.
  • More musicWe continued to use music as the base for the lexicon of the game. Traits will be grouped in music styles to give them an extra meaning both in character creation and while playing.
  • More blues.Every character will have a special mechanic for when their past is knockin’ at the door. And it will hurt, like a rose falling under the rain.
  • More bebop. We are cleaning and structuring the rules like jazz so that characters will be ready to subvert them like in a good bebop session.

These four concepts are moving on our work to make Cowboy Bebop – Roleplaying Game the best game possible! 

We are working on (but you won’t see them in this update)

  • the crew’s mothership (which will work as a campaign tracker)
  • grooves for characters and bounties
  • character-focused sessions
  • stuff-left-in-the-fridge-focused sessions
  • …and more!

The Kickstarter project is going to launch after the summer, we’ll be able to give you a date once we’ll have the proper approbation of all the elements.