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Kobold Press Unveils New Designs and Kickstarter Countdown for Tales of the Valiant RPG

Kobold Press Unveils New Designs and Kickstarter Countdown for Tales of the Valiant RPG

This week, Kobold Press is gearing up for an exciting event as they prepare to launch their Kickstarter campaign for the highly anticipated Tales of the Valiant RPG. With the countdown underway, the company is thrilled to share some new designs and merchandise that will accompany this epic role-playing game.

One of the highlights of the recent developments is the unveiling of the new ToV sword and shield mark, which will serve as the logo for all Tales of the Valiant products. Designed by Kobold Press’ Art Director, Marc Radle, and Addison Rankin, this emblematic symbol will bring a cohesive and recognizable look to all ToV materials, whether they are displayed on bookshelves or digital platforms.

In a move to foster community engagement, Kobold Press is also working on creating a version of the logo for public use. This means that fans and creators alike will have the opportunity to mark their own books and PDFs as compatible with Tales of the Valiant, similar to the beloved 5E logo but with a unique Kobold Press flair.

To celebrate the new designs and upcoming Kickstarter, Kobold Press has launched a range of fresh merch featuring the ToV logo and sword and shield. Fans can now proudly display their support with t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more. Additionally, for those who purchased Black Flag merch earlier this year, there’s an exciting surprise waiting at GenCon 2023. Attendees wearing any Black Flag or ToV merchandise at the convention can visit the Kobold Press booth to receive a free gift as a token of appreciation.

The Kobold Press team acknowledges and appreciates the unwavering support from the community. Whether individuals choose to raise the sword and shield or proudly wave the black flag, their involvement and enthusiasm are vital to the success of Tales of the Valiant RPG.

As the Kickstarter launch date approaches, the company is preparing to unveil special stretch goals for backers, including an Adventure Pack crafted by their official partners, as well as the opportunity for backers to submit their own ideas. The Tales of the Valiant RPG will be offered in two books: the Player’s Guide and the Monster Vault, both elegantly packaged in a slipcover that adds a touch of beauty to the game.

Simultaneously with the Kickstarter launch, Kobold Press will release the Alpha Release, previously known as the Quick Start Guide. This comprehensive PDF will contain playtest packets with exciting new content and edits based on invaluable player feedback.

For those eager to join the journey and support Tales of the Valiant RPG, Kobold Press invites them to sign up to be notified as soon as the Kickstarter goes live. With promises of thrilling adventures and the chance to shape the game’s future, the countdown to the Kickstarter launch has generated a buzz of anticipation among fans and role-playing enthusiasts worldwide.

Ovis Militaris

Monday 15th of May 2023

Meh. After experiencing their playtest material, I have zero faith in Kobold Press providing a balanced game system. It took the entire community to make them admit their horrible depowering of martial classes: something they should have been obviously aware of themselves. They are blinded by a HUGE bias for spellcasters, which is also reflected in their manifesto for the game system. Thus low magic campaigns (think Conan or Game of Thrones) are being thrown to the side for high fantasy.

Gonna sit this one out and come back to it much later. Hopefully it will evolve into something better, and if so, I'll jump aboard. If not... well... didn't have high hopes for it anyways.