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Paizo Posts Starfinder: Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path Preview

Paizo Posts Starfinder: Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path Preview

A mystery is afoot! It can be tough to include a mystery in your RPGs, owing to the freewheeling nature of what parties tend to get into. But Paizo’s here to help with their Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path for Starfinder. The first part, The Chimera Mystery, is due out soon. In this article, Paizo looks at running mysteries in campaigns.

From the post:

Hail Starfinders,

The Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path begins February 26, 2020. What begins as a normal trip through the Drift back to the Pact Worlds turns into a mind-bending whodunit as a crewmember goes missing. The heroes must unravel an intricate web of motives and opportunities before they discover the seeming truth behind the disappearance.

The details of this campaign are classified. Therefore, in preparation for this or any mystery campaign, I’ve scoured the Starfinder archive to collate some general advice and inspiration you.

Let’s set the stage with an excerpt from the six-page article Mystery Adventures by Jason Keeley in volume one of the Starfinder Adventure Path #25: The Chimera Mystery.

“You see, Mrs. Braintner, only you have knowledge of the rare poison that was found coursing through Count Correndo’s veins, only you were seen leaving the hedge maze on the night of the crime, and only you were aware of the last-minute change to the count’s will in which you wouldn’t have received a solitary credit. You had the means, the opportunity, and the motive. Those are the facts, and there’s no use in saying otherwise. Therefore, only you could have committed this heinous murder! Ghenkins, if you would be so kind as to escort this cold-blooded killer to the police hovervan waiting outside?”
—excerpt from the popular weekly holovid “Detective Death”