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Stealthy Space Marines and Kill Team’s Riveting Season Finale

Stealthy Space Marines and Kill Team’s Riveting Season Finale

Warhammer enthusiasts, hold onto your wargaming hats, because next week is brimming with tantalizing releases, from Space Marines stealth masters to intriguing additions to the Kill Team series. Here’s what to anticipate:

Space Marines Return with Stealth & Power

  • Space Marines Vanguard Task Force: The masters of subterfuge don their Phobos armour once again. The Vanguard Task Force package comprises 10 Infiltrators, three Suppressors, three Eliminators, and is led by the commanding Lieutenant in Phobos Armour. They’re back and ready to spread chaos from behind enemy lines.
  • Solo Heroes Emerge: From the renowned Indomitus box set, the Captain with Relic Shield and Lieutenant with Storm Shield are now independently available, providing strategic advantages on the battlefield.
  • Chaos Stirs: Warhammer’s darker side sees the return of the Master of Possession, a figure of daunting presence, equipped with a daemonic spirits mastery.

Kill Team Annual 2023: Season of the Gallowdark

For those engrossed by the intense combat within the treacherous confines of the space hulk Gallowdark, the latest season’s culmination promises a content-rich 296-page tome that will be the perfect companion for close-quarter combat.

  • All-Inclusive Rules: This compilation includes rules from the Into the Dark, Shadowvaults, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall expansions.
  • New Factions Emerge: Witness the fury of Fellgor Ravagers, the cunning of the Hand of the Archon, the resourceful Hearthkyn Salvagers, and the diverse Inquisitorial Agents, with two distinct build options for its primary operatives.
  • Killzone Gets a Facelift: Gallowfall upgrade introduces 18 terrain pieces to elevate your Kill Team boards, ensuring your game experiences are as immersive as ever.

Imperial Fists and Literature Expansions

  • Armoured Might: The Imperial Fists’ Praetor graces the battlefield in the formidable Tartaros Terminator Armour, paired with a Vigil storm shield for unparalleled defence.
  • Literary Epic: Chris Wraight’s paperback, “Warhawk,” illustrates the climactic duel between Jaghatai Khan and Mortarion. This narrative, set during the Siege of Terra, promises riveting battles and desperate gambits.
  • Mapping the Siege: Accompanying “Warhawk” is an A2 size map detailing the Imperial Palace’s devastation during the Siege of Terra. This collectable comes adorned with a faux-leather cover and features the logo of the White Scars.